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Our Herd

At Eves Hill Farm, we breed pedigree poll Herefords.

The Eves Hill herd was established in March 2013 when we bought eight cows with nine calves at foot, and two heifers from Greg Flack’s Salcey herd. We aim to continue the great work that Greg did in creating Hereford cattle that stand out amongst the rest, and greatly value Greg’s continued support and advice as we seek to take the herd forward.

Our Herd

Our stock bull Fisher Harrow comes from the renowned Fisher herd owned by Reg Hutchings and Son in East Sussex. Again we are also very grateful to Reg for his help and advice, regarding all things Hereford. We are delighted with Harrow, a fine bull with an excellent temperament, and we are extremely pleased with the calves he has produced to date.

Heifers are calved down at two and a half to three years as we prefer to have size in our cows and this gives them time to mature.

We are in year one of joining the Biobest HiHealth Herdcare Scheme and to date all tests have returned negative. We test every four years for TB and this year all animals tested were registered negative with no reactors.

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