Super busy on the farm

Welcome welcome welcome to our brand spanking new website! We absolutely love it and hope you do too.

As ever, it’s been super busy on the farm. We have almost finished autumn calving 2018; just awaiting Mathilda to give birth to her second calf.  We have had four wonderful calves so far, from first time calving heifers, using semen from two outstanding Hereford bulls, Normanton Laertes and SMH Kingsize 87K. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome, a bull and a heifer calf from each bull respectively.

Having bought our lovely cows in from pasture to wean their calves, we have put them out again over winter to graze a forage rye and vetch cover crop.  A first for us, and so far, so good, although they did decide to go for one outing onto the Norwich road! Fortunately, no-one was hurt and we managed to return the girls safely to their field.

We’ve also been busy delivering our beef boxes to meet our returning customers.  It’s so satisfying supplying the local community with our Hereford produce.  We work hard to achieve the standards required by the farm assurance scheme Red Tractor and take great satisfaction from the lovely feedback from our customers.

It’s reassuring to see that people are still enjoying red meat despite the growth in veganism and all the fake news about British livestock farming contributing to climate change (don’t get me started on that one).

We will have more beef boxes available in the New Year.

Until next time, take care.